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The best alternatives to Guardian are Iris, Companion, and Family Locator. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Guardian
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  • Through hospital detection, Iris informs loved ones and connects medical professionals with your health data in critical moments when you physically or mentally can't.

  • Walking home alone is dangerous. Stop doing it alone.

  • Friends & family locator

  • Wildfire is a hyperlocal news app that notifies you in real-time when a major event (from safety to a celebrity sighting) occurs near you!

  • Lifekey is my health hacking find from CES: 🔑 Empowers front line responders 🔑 Immediate access to personal safety 🔑 Kids: get notified & location instantly 🔑 One touch (same tech as mobile payments) 🔑 Unp...

  • With Safone, notify your friends, family and loved ones automatically whenever you arrive at destination. You'll never have to think again about sending that famous SMS "I've arrived safely".

  • Tended is mobile and wearable tech designed to monitor the wearer’s safety, and detect accidents. For peace of mind – whatever the activity.

  • Up to now, to use a safety app you would add people on your app and track them at all times. Safe Circle allow you to create different circles of friends to track you during specific Journeys.