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The best alternatives to GraphQL Centaur are GraphCDN, GraphQL Playground, and GraphQL Editor. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to GraphQL Centaur
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  • Scale, inspect & protect your GraphQL API with GraphCDN. Reduce your origin traffic by up to 95% with our GraphQL edge cache, get insights about your requests with analytics, track your errors and protect your ...

  • GraphQL Playground is an IDE for working with GraphQL APIs to write queries, mutations & subscriptions with features like auto-completion, error handling and team collaboration. The Playground can be used as a ...

  • What is better than a plain old API? An interactive, visual one, that you can work on easily from your browser. With the new GraphQL Editor, this is now possible for every developer!

  • Envelop is a lightweight library that allows developers to create plugins that enriches the GraphQL execution layer with new features. It’s the plugin system for your GraphQL layer.

  • Quell's schema-governed, type-level normalization algorithm deconstructs GraphQL query responses into individual graph nodes to be cached separately as constant-time-readable key-value pairs, with references to...