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The best alternatives to Gradient Joy are Placeholder Loader Creator, Placeholders by TwicPics, and Lorem.Space. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Gradient Joy
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • SVG component and interactive editor to create placeholder loading, like Facebook cards loading or also known as skeleton UI. Exports to SVG, React, React Native, Vue

  • Say goodbye to endless manual resizings, with Placeholders by TwicPics, your placeholder images are now reactive, responsive and let you know what size they are.

  • Lorem.space generates random placeholder images for your design layout in useful categories and custom sizes.

  • You know how gradients are trendy, but adding a slight noise filter or grain to them is even trendier? Well now you don't have to crack open photoshop to get that effect with your own colors. Just go to noisean...

  • A simple service to get cute dogs as placeholders for your websites and designs. Just add a width and height to the end of the url.

  • Save hours of development time and avoid looking for images and videos heedlessly. Choose from 3 Million+ photos and videos, customize their sizes on the fly, all without leaving the comfort of your code editor...

  • StreetviewHub is a visual discovery of the world around us. It's totally based on Google Street View. Just click randomizer & you'll teleported at any random place.

  • OctoKing🐙👑 is 100% FREE and it's a drag-and-drop no-code one-page website builder. You can visually create almost any types of single-page website with it. No Coding Skill Required, No OctoKing Branding, No R...