The best alternatives to Google Search Ads Highlighter are Adtuo, Google Ad Highlighter, and Briefly. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Google Search Ads Highlighter
  • Adtuo is the first open and collaborative growth platform for manage and optimize Google Ads & Facebook Ads powered by AI.

  • Google recently pushed a change to the way it displays search results, further blurring the line between ads and genuine results. This lightweight Chrome extension makes sure the difference remains crystal clear.

  • Look under the hood of Google search results by examining the AI-based summary, shows related material from some knowledge base (Wikipedia as an example) and advices extra search keywords.

  • Superlines is a Google Ads content tool that uses your own account data and prediction algorithms to pre-test your ad ideas in seconds. It also writes additional ideas with GPT-3 and ranks them automatically. Skip guessing what works and get instant results.

  • From the world's largest database of podcasts and advertisers, Magellan AI has selected really good podcast ads and organized them by advertiser, industry, podcast, and genre. Listen to ads to inspire your next campaign or check out the competition!

  • DeltaX Assistant helps you scale and optimize your Google Ads account on the go by tracking your health score and using Machine Learning to generate relevant insights for your account. It's free to use and will take only a few mins to give it a try!

  • Do you remember how to Google for specific site results only? SearchPro let you forget about them More features like 'Keywords', 'Image' --- planning for version 2