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The best alternatives to Give Local are AidTable, Save Hospitality, and Takeout COVID. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Give Local
Automated security compliance for your business in weeks

  • Crowdsourced list of discounts and free deals that companies offer to help individuals and other businesses during the stressful COVID-19 situation

  • Browse restaurants around you that are open for pickup/delivery or support by purchasing a gift card or sending a donation. Your support can make or break a restaurant right now.

  • The COVID-19 outbreak is devastating local restaurants and bars. Many of them have thousands of dollars of inventory sitting in their fridges, cellars, and bars, which they can sell. By ordering takeout and del...

  • From reduced hours, to cancelled projects, you probably have been affected by the Coronas virus in some way! Freelancers are the unsung heroes of many businesses & don't have protection in today's climate. Help...

  • Giftata transforms your gift shopping experience by making it effortless. A unique combination of reminders, research, and recommendations help you turn special occasions into lasting memories.

  • The COVID-19 outbreak is devastating restaurants. However, New York City temporarily is allowing restaurants to sell to-go alcohol alongside food. Most restaurants have thousands of dollars in food and alcohol,...

  • With restaurants opening after quarantine, basil makes dining in safer by moving the ordering process to your phone. Reduce your interactions with restaurant staff, and reorder drinks and sides whenever you wan...

  • NeighborPledge.com is where you can support your favorite local businesses. It’s for the dry cleaner that greets you with a smile, the florist that saved you on your anniversary and your go-to dive bar. Pledge ...

  • Lunch Next helps local merchants such as restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, beauticians, theatres etc. easily start offering digital vouchers online in under 20 minutes. Customers automatically receive vouchers ...

  • Kindness 4 Corona makes it simple to support families severely impacted by COVID-19. Donate directly any "Ask for Help" OR contribute to the campaign and we'll make sure every person gets the help they need.

  • Shop Maui Local is a destination to shop exclusively at Maui-owned businesses, helping support the local Maui economy after the recent devastating wildfires.

  • SupportYourLocals is a service designed for traditional businesses (barbers, small stores, bars, etc..) it allows anyone to quickly setup a small online store to sell gift cards. Completely for free. Our goal i...

  • Local businesses need your support. You can give your favorite Square merchants a boost by buying digital gift cards. Give and Get Local makes it simple to search local businesses who are offering eGift Cards.

  • Local discussion for any location in the world. Find out what is going on where you live or learn more about a place you are thinking of visiting or moving to.

  • A directory of little places (and faces) that are switching up how they operate now that COVID-19 has taken stranglehold on small businesses, makers & creators across the capital and the rest of the country.

  • A simple app to explore San Francisco watering holes that are currently open and serving beverages.

  • I shut this website down after little interest.

  • IDFK.io helps you find your next meal spot! Create a session, invite friends, swipe on local restaurants, and find a match!

  • ComeTogether is a joint effort between Fellow Products and Mage to highlight and promote cafes and roasters who need our help and support during this uncertain time. This searchable resource highlights cafes & ...