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The best alternatives to Forfeit are Kin Habits, Daydeed, and Forte². If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Forfeit
  • Kin is a social habit tracking app that helps you create long-lasting changes. We make it easy and fun to build healthy habits effectively. Take courses to learn new habits or improve existing ones, share habits with friends and much more.

  • Build habits that stick

  • Forte² is here to help you track your progress as you build new habits or quit old ones. Unlike other habits trackers, Forte² doesn't set you back to zero for missing one day; Forte² gives you a score for each habit instead of just counting streaks.

  • Build habits. Change your life.

  • Meet MicroHabits, easy to use app that helps you build habits that stick. Micro habits are simple habits that you cannot find excuse for not doing them. Chaining them to already established routines helps you to maintain the streak.

  • The idea behind the App is simple and based on my personal 1-year experiment (you can read it here: https://skob.medium.com/ ) and books like: 📘 The Slight Edge 📗 Atomic Habits 📙 The Power of Habit What do your like/dislike about habit-tracking apps?

  • Mono Day is a to-do app to make your daily life simple and efficient.