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The best alternatives to Food Scores are Cucumbertown, Sugar Rush, and Open Food Facts. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Food Scores
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  • Tumblr for cooks, an alternative to food blogging.

  • Scan a barcode and see how much added sugar is in your food

  • Information and data on food products from around the world

  • Point your camera to any food label and see in real-time if it fits your diet. Ketogram creates an Augmented Reality label on top of the original one, designed to highlight the carbs, fat, and protein of the me...

  • Intuitive nutrition information

  • Dish Dragon is an inspiration bot for dishes. It's indexes 500+ recipe blogs and has an emoji-based method for browsing based on inspiration.

  • How much sugar does your “health” bar contain? You would be surprised. And when you look at the nutrition label, what is 18g anyways? Well, that’s 4 1/2 sugar cubes. We designed Hidden Sugar to help you visuali...

  • ALLERT generates an allergy flashcard in 44 different languages. The 14 major allergies are supported, which cover over 95% of all cases. ALLERT can also show a message for 5 types of vegetarian diets. No data ...

  • Discover the hottest & newest food curated by foodies on Cravve! Share beautiful food photos or transfer them from Instagram, share dish ratings from places near you or a homemade recipe, find your next restaur...

  • Flavorfox provides flavor pairings by analyzing recipes. We provide pairings in the sweet kitchen, the savory and for cocktails. We also categorize the flavorings to provide inspiration - white flavors for a we...