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The best alternatives to Flub are Inbox by Gmail Chrome Extension, Multiple URL Opener, and Curius. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Flub
Dora AI (Alpha)
Generating powerful websites, one prompt at a time

  • Save links for later and share with one click

  • Every day, I find myself having to open the same links over and over (work, favourite sites etc) I find this extremely inefficient and time consuming. So, the purpose of this extension is to allow you to save t...

  • All your links and highlights on a public bookshelf, shareable with one link Instantly see what people have been reading, like so: https://curius.app/marley-xiong

  • LinkBin is an app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS that allows temporary storage of links. Saving links is dead simple and you can automate everything with Apple's Shortcuts app.

  • Your bookmark manager with privacy at heart. Brace.to helps you save links to everything and visit them later easily anytime on your any devices. All your saved links are encrypted and only you can decrypt them...

  • Saved.io is the Simplest Bookmarking Tool Ever. Just type saved.io/ in front of any URL to save a bookmark to the cloud.

  • LinKeep allows you to store, catalog and share all the links of your interest quickly and easily. The idea behind LinKeep is to concentrate all the links within the same app, so as not to lose and be able to fi...

  • Pegao is my side project where you can create your link blog, save and share curated pages with others. It already works, but it's still in beta.