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Measurement of 2D objects and forms made easy.
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What is Flatify - Perspective Repair?
Flatify - 2D Objects to CAD is an innovative new app that makes it easy to correct the perspective of images and create a top-down view of objects. With Flatify, you can take a photo of a form, stencil, or any other 2D object and quickly convert it into a corrected and transformed image that is easy to trace in a CAD program. The app also includes a simple CAD tracing function, allowing you to quickly create detailed designs and drawings. Whether you're an artist, designer, or engineer, Flatify is the perfect tool to create accurate, high-quality perspective transformed images and cad files (DXF). Give it a try today and see the difference for yourself! ➡️ PRICING: 1 Cloud Project is included in the FREE Plan! Please subscribe to one of the higher tiers for better exporting quality and up to 100 simultaneous Cloud Projects. ➡️ 4 Simple Steps: 1. Capture the Photo 2. Review the Image and select the Reference Object 3. Export the distorted Image or download it from cloud.flatify.at 4. Generate a CAD File (available inside the App or via your preferred CAD Tool)
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Only 4 simple steps from a photo to a CAD! Capture photo ➡️ Review the image and select the reference object ➡️ Export the distorted image ➡️ Generate a CAD file!
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