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The best alternatives to Feel with Me are SOUNDS, humit, and Roadtrip. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Feel with Me
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  • Sounds is a mobile app to discover and share music with friends. Play music, like songs, share them and chat with new people with the same music tastes

  • humit lets you share 30s snippets of the most powerful moments from your favourite songs a.k.a., 'hums'! Think of it as a lovechild between Reddit & Spotify. Discover conveniently, Share convincingly.

  • Host a listening party, hang with friends or meet new people while listening to great music and building playlists together. Let’s make the internet a little less quiet. Come say hi.

  • CYANITE visualizes emotions in music. ▶︎ Want to see what your music feels like? ▶︎ Can’t decide which song fits perfectly for your video? ▶︎ Don’t know where to find the most powerful part of a song? Try out f...

  • Playlist community powered by Spotify

  • A Chrome extension that lets you see what your favorite artists and friends are listening to on SoundCloud

  • Hi! STML 🎶 is my personal project to create varied and vibrant playlists to help myself and others discover, enjoy and discuss great music. I’m hoping to cultivate our collective love of music without getting ...

  • A web app that lets you see your music comatibliity with friends/lovers/others. The process is simple: you sign in with Spotify, we crunch the numbers, you search for other users or send them an invite to compa...

  • Instamusic is easy to use and it allows you to link emotions and music discovery with the use of artificial intelligence. Identify the best songs for you while you take a selfie in different moments of your day...