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The best alternatives to Exercism are DEV Community, Hashnode CLI, and devquestions. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Exercism
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  • DEV is a community of software developers getting together to help one another out. The software industry relies on collaboration and networked learning. We provide a place for that to happen.

  • Hashnode is a free, friendly, and inclusive programming community! We built this small tool for terminal lovers. With this CLI, you can stay up to speed with what's happening in the dev community without openin...

  • devquestions.co - a new developer question every weekday. Learn from a community of developers around the world, via Product Hunt and Twitter. 💪 Powered by @byteconf – free developer conferences, streamed...

  • CodiMD is the community fork of HackMD. Collaborative real-time editing of Markdown, plus: * Sublime, emacs, and vim editor modes, with night mode option * Slide mode with RevealJS * Host it yourself with one-c...

  • Short Screencasts of Gourmet Ruby

  • Call a Dev is like bug spray for your programming problems. Join a video call with a Stack Overflow user and get help for your programming problem for just $1 a minute. You can even share your screen to let the...