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The best alternatives to Deep Space Battle VR are Flee Earth, dots.io, and Asteroid Commando for Apple Watch. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Deep Space Battle VR
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  • Flee Earth is a game where you control a UFO that’s escaping Earth. Watch out for the incoming asteroids! Clicking the screen will move the UFO either left or right. The game becomes more challenging as you pro...

  • dots.io is online pixel art game, that's very similar to R Place from Reddit or Pixel Battle from VK. You should draw arts with limited number of pixels (dots) either on common filed, or taking participant in e...

  • Asteroid Commando is a vector graphics arcade game for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Pilot your ship as you blast asteroids in search of priceless gems. Battle alien pirates and avoid deadly space mines! Awarded...

  • Help Manohar, our teenage alien, to survive in space on his quest to explore the rogue planets. ★ Beware of the guided missiles ★ Collect ORB to gain a shield ★ Collect LIGHTNING to Zap all incoming threats ★ C...