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The best alternatives to DashOne are Backdrops, Wunderlist New Tab, and Perfect New Tab. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to DashOne
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  • Backdrops is a tiny chrome extension to change your boring new tab screen to an awesome wallpaper or quote of the day. All the wallpapers are designed by me. Extension can be used to change wallpapers, quote an...

  • Features: 1. Lightweight (~ half the memory consumption compared to default new tab page) 2. Handy shortcuts to important sections 3. Fast (New tab should load in a jiffy, it does with Perfect New Tab) 4. Quick...

  • Quickly add new to-dos to your lists (Chrome extension)

  • Get a beautiful photo from Exposure in every new tab

  • Replace your "new tab" page with a beautiful daily photo

  • Cue is an on-demand communication tool to empower your users. You can design your own widget and trigger them whenever you want with a custom message.

  • Add a bit of flare to your browsing experience with a new tab filled with random elements each time you open a new tab

  • All your data in one place. Design custom dashboards to keep track of all the things you care about. Place, resize and customize built-in panels to easily create your own personalized dashboards, optimized for ...