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What is Daily.co?
Thousands of developers trust our platform to build live video and audio applications. Using modern APIs and end-to-end tooling, the best video experiences run on Daily. From 1:1 experiences to 100,000 real-time participants, build on the highest-quality, most flexible, and most cost-effective WebRTC API platform. Every use case from Startups to Enterprise.

Daily.co tech stack

We're aware of 10 technologies that Daily.co is built with. Daily.co utilizes products like Google, Intercom in their tech stack

Recent launches

Storybot AI
Tell Storybot your idea for a story using your voice, sit back, and hear a magical story unfurl in real-time. Storybot loves to craft stories with you, so get ready to choose-your-own-adventure!
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Audio Apps Starter Kit
Daily makes it easy to build real-time audio apps. We're a developer platform for audio and video APIs. Check out our Starter Kit with sample code for React, Android, ReactNative, and iOS. You can build audio fast, and scale with our secure infrastructure.
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