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The best alternatives to CunningBot are Ungrabbed, Domais, and Xpired. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to CunningBot
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  • Ungrabbed emails you brandable domains by surprise. Name your startup, side project, app idea, and more ✌︎ - Domains that look and sound good, priced way below market value - No more messing with auctions, sket...

  • Find High quality expired domains within minutes. Gone are the days where you have to wait hours and hours to crawl a single website.

  • Find a domain for your project A tool to ease the search because the existing tools recommendations always felt bad to me. I manually curated 100+ trending name modifiers for SAAS names and classified the TLDs ...

  • Domain name generator can find the best domain name for you. Simply enter a keyword and the tool will generate ideas for you. Easily check availability right from within the tool and buy with a few clicks. Use ...

  • I will get acquainted with your startup, listen to your wishes and select for you several variants of the name, with a free domain in the zonecom,io or any other zones, as well as with a free twitter username.

  • Looking for your next business idea or a new side project?💡 I made a site that posts and tweets a daily product idea with availablecom domains. Every single domain name is expired and has an idea and a pretty ...

  • Name Lantern is a tool that helps you generate and find available domains for your startup or project by suggesting available domain names based on a search keyword.

  • I have build some tools to keep looking for available domains and I spend a lot of time manually sorting and creating names. ICanHasDomain will list available (directly from your preferred registrar) together w...