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What is CSSBattle?
CSSBattle is an online CSS Code Golfing battleground. Here, players from all around the world try to visually replicate "Targets" in smallest possible CSS code and battle it out to get to the top of the leaderboard. Are You Game?

CSSBattle tech stack

We're aware of 5 technologies that CSSBattle is built with. CSSBattle utilizes products like Google, Next.js in their tech stack

Recent launches

CSSBattle Custom Battles
We are super excited to present to you our most amazing feature in CSSBattle yet - CUSTOM BATTLES! 🔥
With Custom Battles, you can organize your own CSS Battles for your audience. Upload your own targets, set your own duration, and get your own leaderboards.
CSSBattle Custom Battles image
We're proud to introduce CSSBattle Pro! - where you can upgrade your CSSBattle experience 🥳. And get some awesome features like Editor plugins, Light theme, Advanced stats anndd many more coming up!
CSSBattle PRO image
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