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The best alternatives to Count.io are Jakub Linowski, Juggler.dev, and AbTest.io. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Count.io
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • Hi, I’m Jakub Linowski and the goal of Fastforward is to find repeatable patterns with the highest probabilities of lifting conversion rates. To do this we run experiments with trusted companies open to testing...

  • Find the most converting headline on your landing site with Juggler! It is an intuitive and straightforward A/B testing tool for your site and it's fully online. Just add the lightweight script on your site and...

  • AbTest.io is a url shortener with A/B Testing features. It splits the traffic between two pages and ads Google Analytics tags like utm_campaing in order to filter and monitor conversion rate between the two pag...

  • Run automated tests, which you can create in seconds, on your websites and online apps to catch bugs and optimise their performance. No coding required!

  • The web's largest event ticket search engine

  • Countlit is the app for creating and sharing beautiful countdowns for your best moments in life! See your events updating in realtime anywhere on your home screen with the new widgets for iOS 14

  • You would like to use a Google sheet like a REST API without having to set up complex stuff? Or just convert it to a JSON ? Google sheet to JSON is the tool you need !

  • A/B test your app store content

  • Identify wasted compute, fix reliability issues, and deploy with confidence using Buildkite Test Analytics, an observability platform for your test suites. Works with any programming language, test framework an...