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The best alternatives to Community Finder are Makerpad, WeLoveNoCode, and Garnet. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Community Finder
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  • The easiest way to build tools without code. Explore the best no-code tools. Learn how to build powerful applications. Hire experts to help you with your project. Find and apply for jobs in the no-code communit...

  • WeLoveNoCode is a platform that allows you to build your ideas faster with no-code development. With access to a pool of 50,000+ vetted no-code developers and 600+ tools, you can hire talent to create your Prod...

  • Community List is a database of 310+ Slack, Discord and Independent Communities where you can promote your Product and find new users, with all the data you'll ever need. Save 100+ hours on manual Googling and ...

  • Run The World is a one-stop solution for virtual social gatherings, webinars and conferences that deliver engagement.

  • Online communities are rising as new activity centers. The next evolution of honest conversation, education/learning is community-driven. We are building a platform so that you can “Explore, Join, Promote, Coll...