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The best alternatives to CoinsCrate are Cryptoradar, Bitdock, and Crypto Tracker. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to CoinsCrate
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • Cryptoradar helps you find the best place to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Compare brokers and exchanges based on prices, fees, features, ease-of-use and more.

  • Bitdock is a lightweight OSX menu bar application that tracks the price index of Bitcoin in USD, GBP and EUR. I built it after being tired of constantly heading over to Coinbase or GDAX and I was unable to find...

  • a chrome extension to track the latest bitcoin & ether prices and set alerts for prices moves. It shows the bitcoin / ether price in every new chrome tab.

  • Track real-time bitcoin rates in multiple currencies

  • Cryptocurrencies tracker and manager

  • A Notion template to track all your cryptocurrencies investments with custom widgets and a good visual enhancement.

  • It's key to know changes on coins in minutes, in hours before it's too late. Doesn't matter dropped or raised. cointable will let you what's happing on which one. You will be able to see moving coin even if mar...

  • X-Ray vision for the crypto markets. Bitcoin and alt trading software on steroids with advanced heatmap visualization, live data, user scripts, custom indicators, support for all major crypto exchanges and more...

  • Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and mainstream. WhereToBuy helps you find where to buy them so you can stay ahead of the curve.

  • Cryptocurrency price charts for your MacBook menu bar

  • View charts, plan, and summarize your crypto transactions, all on one page! This Notion-based crypto hub comes with images & icons for popular coins.

  • Beem is a mobile app that enables pre-recorded and livestream communication in Augmented Reality. With Beem, anyone can produce filmed content featuring themselves as holograms which their friends, contacts and...