The best alternatives to are Daily Coding Problem, Liveblocks, and Codejudge. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to
  • 1. Get tailored problems from our experts who have interviewed at top companies 2. Solve problems every day before you get the solutions the next morning. 3. Verify your work and get better at problem solving until you land the job!
  • A real-time collaboration infrastructure for developers. A fully hosted solution and complete toolkit to modularly embed collaborative experiences into your product in just days, not months.
  • Codejudge helps companies build tech teams faster, smarter and better through automated real world assessments. Our real world tasks capture over 127+ skill data points within seconds to ensure you’re building tech teams based on data and not guesswork.
  • Join thousands of professionals practicing live mock interviews & interview questions online, with peers, for free. We help you prep & land your dream tech job. Learn more! We bring professionals together to practice live interviews, for free. Meet peers just like you and learn how to ace your interviews.
  • ViewCoder is a technical interview platform, It keeps the interviewer distraction-free by recording and transcription, coding beyond boring algorithms for a better candidate experience, make confident decisions with an intelligent summary and tagging system.
  • Be a Better Programmer - Learn. Compete. Get Hired.
  • You can pay to join the challenge to finish solving some problems every month.
  • Interview Pen provides high-quality educational content, community, & tools to empower software engineers looking to succeed in upscaling their careers.
  • What is HackerPen? It is a collaborative, technical interview platform with real-time feedback. The demo video shows you how to use HackerPen for technical interviews, and practice of technical interviews.
  • helps conduct the coding interview and the training session. Powerful and efficient solutions: pads, repos, reviews, containers and more. Coding interview tools for screening and testing developers.
  • Learn Algorithms and ace your Coding Interviews using step by step Interactive Tutorials and Video Content
  • was first indexed by Google more than 10 years ago
  • The fastest way to collaborate on designs and images
  • The most realistic remote interview environment for iOS/mac engineers
  • CodeSync Provide Collebrative Code-Editor, Real-Time Audio Communication, Collaborative Drawing board for explaining an idea, Collaborative text-editor for taking notes, Real-Time chat box for chatting with other room members & Many more things with smooth UI.
  • Solving coding interviews on w/o Skype
  • JSPad is a simple collaborative coding environment for javascript for code sharing & coding assessments.
  • Codocado helps software engineers ace the technical interview. Sign up for our newsletter for free and receive daily curated technical interview questions from real FAANG software engineers.