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The best alternatives to cmpct.io are Linkjoy, Hipolink, and Trotto. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to cmpct.io
  • If your social media followers never actually visit your website, do they even count? Linkjoy is a social media tool that will help you increase traffic to your site and retarget one-time visitors to enhance your social presence by 10x.

  • Hipolink.net is a service for creating the websites for Instagram. It allows you to add all your contact information to one page, and then set up this Hipolink link in Instagram.

  • A go links app you can use at trot.to or self-host. Go links let you take back time spent hunting down links, for yourself or a teammate. Turn any URL into a short go link like go/sprint or go/pipeline that your whole team—and only your team—can use and share.

  • Emojis are everywhere, except in links. In fact, we solved that. Get you emoji-enabled link safe and fast. Options are infinite, your imagination is the limit. Use you adorable.link in shirts, profiles, ads and more.

  • Ever heard of short links like bit.ly? You can build one for yourself with a custom domain (e.g. clarence.link) for free within 15 minutes using Vercel & Notion API.

  • Kojis are mini apps that can be shared on all social platforms, embedded in any website, and sent via messengers and email. They can be created by anyone in minutes, by “remixing” templates and customizing them.

  • solo is a new generation of solos working from anywhere. Take control of your schedule. Set your own hours. Make the most of every day and offer customers the convenience to book your time. With solo You can accept payments, get bookings & manage your contacts

  • Listiee is your platform for publishing lists and digital curations. Lists can be customized for it's category, geographical reach, privacy, contribution etc. You can now reach & build your audience / community via another different medium.

  • They are perfect to be used in email to redirect iOS users to the app store, android users to the play store and for those that uses a computer, you can redirect them to your web app. And those users we can not match, they will be sent do your default url.

  • Tony.surf a new way to share all your links. You can add your links in block format with background image and text description. See an example https://tony.surf/tony

  • Ji.hn allows you to easily shorten links, and provide analytics, based on the audience’s location and platform data.

  • Linkler.me is an advanced URL shortener application with an unmatched feature set, high quality, and clean design.

  • MailTumble is a service that tokenises email addresses, allowing you to share your lists with third parties. Like a URL shortener, MailTumble lets you program in contractual obligations for emails and email lists.

  • Tired of linking to all your social media profiles or updating the link in your bio whenever you post something new? Get your personal link, and use it everywhere, once and for all.

  • Redirect 2 Link allows you to securely share links while being able to control the social preview. You'll also be able to see how many times your link has been viewed, and from where that link was shared.

  • Its a 5 in 1 tool. 1.Link shortener without login/registration 2.Free Analytics 3.Link shortener in google sheets - shorten links in google sheets. 4.Link shortener bot - Shorten links in telegram. 5.Whatsapp direct - send whatsapp without saving number

  • Linkbash - Link Shortener work by transforming any long URL into a shorter, more readable link. When a user clicks the shortened version, they're automatically forwarded to the full URL.

  • With Cut it, you can shorten your URL's, Create a BIO page, vCard, QR Code and more for free in Cut it we have a Phishing protection that scan every new link in real time and keeps scanning all the time new links and existing links

  • thisday.link is a free, easy, and secure link shortener with a 24h link expiry. All shortened links are only valid for one day. Also, all domains shortened with thisday.link require a valid SSL certificate.

  • We can not share links when we are speaking in podcasts or clubhouse rooms. Hupu, creates numbers for your links and people who wants to reach, enter number to hupu app or webpage and reach links without sign-in.