The best alternatives to Chpic are AskClubhouse, Clubhouse Bio Editor, and Clubhouse Avatar Maker. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Chpic
  • Some rooms are just too big to engage with your Clubhouse audience. AskClubhouse is a free tool that allows your listeners to ask written questions, so you pick them and answer them live on stage.
  • Two days ago Clubhouse took off in Germany. It didn't take long to make me addicted. I love the UI/UX of Clubhouse with one exception: editing your bio sucks. The textfield is just unnecessary small. That's why I have decided to build
  • You can quickly add colorful rings to your avatar. Generate unique clubhouse avatar, do something different!
  • Rooms of Clubhouse lets you search open Rooms and filter for topics, descriptions as well as languages you are interested in.
  • Calmframe is a tiny web app that creates a text frame for your messenger profile picture – and maybe it will save your vacation
  • Have you seen that people are starting to change their profile picture in Clubhouse saying that they are in radio mode or listening? That is exactly what Clubhouse Tools does. It is a web app where you can set up your status through your profile picture.
  • Our iOS app is out (Club Glow)—lots more features incl. background removal. Check it out! This little helper tool (ad-free) will help you attract attention on Clubhouse calls by drawing a glowing circle (a quadratic circle actually) around your avatar photo.
  • This is an iOS Clubhouse Bio Builder. You get 70 supported fonts, a large text box editor, it's stupid easy to understand, and most importantly it's FREE!
  • Create astonishing and bright Clubhouse profile images with just a few clicks! Add emojis to your profile photo, borders and even tags! You can even use this on other social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter...
  • It's a simple toy app which turns faces into some funny meme with LaserEye automatically. ⠀ Perfect for standing out and expressing your true beliefs. Especially on Clubhouse.
  • Make your Clubhouse event, club or profile link stand out with ClubberOne! Register right now to make the most of ClubberOne's features to promote your event, club or profile on Clubhouse 👇
  • 👋 📈 Track any Clubhouse User - 💯 Monitor your Clubhouse Account Access all relevant stats in a simple dashboard - 🕓 No tracking period limit Once the account was added our Clubhouse tracker will track it for you - 🔜 Automated PDF Reports Get automated PDF reports about your stats on Clubhouse
  • Just a quick profile photo app for Clubhouse and other socials to easily remove your photo background and add a simple ring. Goal is to build out the app to have customized backgrounds and patternized rings!
  • RoomView makes it easy for people to present to their live audience without video calling or screen sharing!
  • Hey hunters! Create customized Clubhouse profile picture with AI background changer. Show your color! Show your authenticity! Background detection performed on device. Any feedback is appreciated!