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The best alternatives to Carbon Visualiser are doodooc Music Visualizer, Neutral, and Watershed. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Carbon Visualiser
  • Hey Community! Happy to introduce doodooc.com - Generative Music Visualizer and its team of music lovers! doodooc.com is a code-based music visualizer that allows artists to render their music with unique visuals. It’s better to see it once - doodooc.com

  • The stuff we buy is responsible for mountains of wasted packaging & millions of transport miles. With every online purchase Neutral calculates and offsets your online shopping carbon footprint Update: Thanks for the overwhelming support! We reached 300 users!

  • Watershed is a software platform for running a world-class climate program. Start reducing your company’s carbon footprint in weeks, not years.

  • Visabug aggregates over 1M+ pieces of data every day on 238 countries and 1,500+ cities including temperature, cost of living, flight prices, visa requirements and more. It presents this information to help you find cool places to travel to.

  • Onboard, share location, choose an offsetting project, and we’ll help you go from ‘climate worrier to climate warrior’. Capture automatically tracks emissions from mobility choices (via GPS-based algorithm) & food choices. We hope you enjoy the early version!

  • Electricity Map shows in real-time where your electricity comes from, and how much CO2 was emitted to produce it

  • MIT alumni Dr. Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie founded Transatomic Power in 2011, and its board directors included E Ink Corporation co-founder Russ Wilcox.

  • A carbon footprint calculation API for transport.

  • GreenFrame helps developers build low-carbon web applications and reduce their digital footprint, using a state-of-the-art platform based on real science. It allows to decarbonize websites by detecting carbon leaks, so you can reach your sustainability goals.

  • SQUAKE helps businesses to build sustainable products! With the most performant API in the market, we help travel, mobility, and logistics companies calculate carbon emissions and purchase certified climate contributions in real-time. Implemented within mins!

  • ThoughtSpot for Sheets lets anyone easily and naturally, explore Google Sheets data. Launch the app with a click from a Google Sheet. Drill anywhere in your data to answer, and create charts and visualizations to easily be shared across Google Slides and more.

  • Today, transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. offCents is an app that automatically detects your travel, calculates CO2 emissions, and allows you to effortlessly purchase carbon offsets 1 pound at a time. Users also receive points for their offsets redeemable for rewards!

  • Automatically track your carbon footprint with Reduce. The app calculates your carbon footprint based on your personal spending habits and other preferences. You can set goals to reduce your impact over time, or you can offset it by buying carbon credits.

  • Birdi is a scalable aerial intelligence platform that’s easy to use for everyone. Think: a cloud-based platform for visualising and processing photos and videos from drones on a Flight Map, giving you up-to-date oversight of your sites and assets.

  • Shift highlights the carbon intensity of the UK electricity grid in a clear, understandable format. It recommends the least intense 2-hour period in the next 24 hours, making it easier to schedule high consumption appliances when carbon intensity is lowest.

  • - Plane, car or train, what's the difference? Display carbon emissions from travel on your website with interactive visualization widgets and search forms. Or use the API to integrate CO₂ emission data into your own app.

  • The Foodalyse mobile app lets you find and compare the environmental impact and nutrition facts of thousands of plates, ingredients, and drinks. It is available on Google Play and on the App Store for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

  • Home battery