The best alternatives to Calendar and Countdown are Email Timer, Fireball Studio, and Day Tracker. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Calendar and Countdown
  • Generate custom countdown timer HTML code that you can easily embed in an email. Hassle free, no registration, with custom fonts and colors, multiple language and timezone support. Proven conversion boost up to 400%

  • Replace numerous apps and settings with One Switch. A time-saver for Mac, the app allows to access the key switchers like toggling between Dark/Light modes and managing AirPods connection. For convenience, set the app to show custom toggles in your menu bar and disable those you don’t use regularly. Fitting your flow, always.

  • A free customizable app that counts time since or until your big day. This user-friendly event reminder helps you keep an eye on the upcoming tasks, meetups and special days in your calendar. With Day Tracker, you’ll never miss a birthday or anniversary again.

  • Countlit is the app for creating and sharing beautiful countdowns for your best moments in life! See your events updating in realtime anywhere on your home screen with the new widgets for iOS 14

  • We think there's more to planning an event that just who, what, where, when! PlanHype has tools to organise every event: 💬 Chat Feed 📋 To Do List 📅 Date Picker 🏅 First come first served 🗳️ Poll 🎅 Secret Santa 🤼 Team Selector 🎁 Gift List and more!

  • Lemon helps us count down(or count up) and remember special moments in our lives. we need to prepare for some important days in advance: parents' birthday, wedding anniversary with love, college entrance examination, Now, with Lemon all get it.

  • Find out how much time you have left, hypothetically of course.

  • Random Timer Generator is a random countdown timer that allows you to input a Minimum and Maximum time, and then it will start a random timer somewhere within that range.