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The best alternatives to Brain;Notes are Note Anywhere, Ducalis.io: The decision making toolkit, and StickyList. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Brain;Notes
  • Leave sticky notes on tabs in Chrome

  • The best prioritization practices on a single page. Save hundred hours on reading dozens of articles—everything you need to know is on our short sticky notes.

  • StickyList is just a sticky note for your next priorities. It isn’t feature rich, but it is powerful when used right. No Sync. No Reminders. No Repeat. Focus on your work, not our app. Only stored on your device. Drag & Drop for prioritising. And Dark Mode🌙

  • Sticky Note with Markdown flavour. Available on Web, Android and iOS (Progressive Web App) and works offline. Get started right away without sign-in for free. Install on iOS: Open web on Safari, and add to home screen.

  • Leave yourself a quick reminder of what you were doing

  • Sticky Notes - notes(stickies) stay on top of all other apps, and allow you to quickly jot down notes for easy access from anywhere! Easily dock your stickies by dragging them to the left side of the screen. All stickies are auto-saved, and can be accessed through the app at any time.

  • Keep Stick Note as your assistant on your phone home screen as a reminder through widgets option. Floating Sticky Notes provide you multiple options like you can share notes as a text or image, add a reminder to an important note.