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The best alternatives to Bops Music are Lisn, Pyro, and Vertigo. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Bops Music
  • Listen to music + chat with friends, in real-time

  • Hosting a party? Let your guests choose the music in real-time with Pyro! Connect your Spotify Account, create a party, invite your guests with a link and you're ready to go. Collaborative listening has never been easier.

  • Listen to music with friends in real time

  • Find the common songs you have with your group of friends by connecting your music accounts (Spotify and Apple Music supported). The app generates themed playlists you can then add to you library and listen with your friends! Everybody will love the music :)

  • Swap out each track in a Spotify playlist with another song from the same album or by the same artist. This is a great way to discover new music based on what you already like.

  • Playback is music social networking game. How does it works: 1) Add your friends 2) Pick a playlist to listen to, pick who each song reminds you of 3) Get hearts when you're picked by someone for a song 4) View the Top Songs that friends think define you

  • Radiopush is a new way of music discovery. It helps you find new songs by sharing with your friends, colleagues and family. Whether it's a jam you are just vibing to or an obscure track from your favorite artist, share it with Radiopush and help others.