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The best alternatives to Bias Barometer are Ground News from the source, Meantime Browser Plugin, and Their News. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Bias Barometer
  • For anyone fighting against the rise of misinformation, sensationalism, and biased news, Ground News Pro will help you easily compare how a story is being covered by thousands of sources from across the political spectrum and from around the world.

  • Get a more accurate picture of the world you inhabit by using our browser plugin to detect the bias of any article you are reading and to show you articles with a different bias on the same story.

  • Their News is a news website that challenges your existing beliefs to break you out of your news bubble. You can better understand people with a different opinion if you are informed about their.news (badum tsss 🥁)

  • Use it while reading news in order to get similar but contradicting stories from other publishers. We're offering you multiple opposed articles to what you're currently reading, while still surfing your favorite authors. The end conclusion is yours.

  • There are lots of people voicing their opinions on Crypto Twitter, however it's often hard to work out if Tweets are genuine or biased. This browser extension helps you get quick insights into user biases by injecting the data straight into Twitter.