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What is Better Sheets?
Better Sheets is a suite of tools, templates, courses, and videos to help you do more in Google Sheets than you ever imagined. Learn how to not only run a store in Google Sheets but create a Marketplace. Or sell google sheets directly on any marketplace.

Better Sheets tech stack

We're aware of 5 technologies that Better Sheets is built with. Better Sheets utilizes products like Google, Hotjar in their tech stack

Recent launches

OnlySheets 2.0
Sell access to a google sheet without sharing to anyone with the link. Sell Info Products, Planners, Templates, Custom Apps Scripts New Features -Integrates with Zapier/Stripe/Gumroad -Bundle sheets to make new packages -Revoke Access when needed
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Copy URL Generator
This tool will take in any google sheet url, and then give you a slash copy or /copy at the end. This is to you can share your sheet with anyone.
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4 more launches

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