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The best alternatives to Barney are Interactive Workbook by English For IT, WellSpeak, and Learn & Earn | Games x Web3. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Barney
  • A modern tool for a modern English teacher. ✅ expand your tech industry knowledge ✅ become a more in-demand English teacher ✅ get useful resources, activities, tips and rewards This Teacher's Guide is meant to be paired with the English For Tech textbook.

  • WellSpeak is a mobile app that helps you to become confident in your English speaking skills. AI and smart algorithms will help you with pronunciation and show how easy it is to speak like a native 😎"

  • Learn & Earn courses for game developers in web2 & web3 spaces. Earn rewards after the chapter you complete. Win Learning points and participate in the monthly tournaments to compete for prizes and airdrops up to 1 ETH.

  • Traditional dictionaries help you search words, but fail to make you retain them. ⠀ Lockcard is designed so that for every word you search, you are tested on how well you remember them over time, via quiz notifications. Download Lockcard now, it's free!

  • Brand new app to improve English proficiency skills. Discover sophisticated English vocabulary and memorise it with various built in mini-games (challenges). Downloaded by more than 16 000 people worldwide and keep receiving excellent feedback

  • All practice you need to boost your English. With Voca you can learn new words through any content that you like: YouTube videos, articles, books etc

  • voccapp helps you learn words with more retention and efficiency. It features spaced repetition which drastically increases the rate of learning. It also features 2 different modes for different stages of learning

  • BlaBla, a leader in learning English with short videos, provides users with an immersive English learning experience with original short videos from native speakers.

  • Learn for free 🤓 Study new words, improve grammar & practice speaking Get reward points 🤩 Receive a free Scholarship or buy NFT Characters to Earn reward points Convert to real money 🤑 Swap rewards to USDC in-app or on external exchanges

  • If you're already familiar with English grammar, words and expressions, our AI-powered app is a great way to practice spoken English using all of these skills!

  • Expand your vocabulary using Logophile, a chrome extension that introduces you to new words each time you open a tab. Click to reveal the definition and mark as 'Learned' once mastered. Use one of the word lists included, or customize by adding your own words!

  • Wordcase is a fresh take on general knowledge, English phrases, and vocabulary. Guess the answer to the statement and win points. Compete with others globally and showcase your knowledge and grasp of the English language!

  • This app will send you new words (with translation) every day until you master 5000 essential English words!

  • When you discover a great word, do you remember how you found it? Chances are it'll be a while till you find that great word again. With Rewwind, you’ll know exactly where to go if you need that great word again!

  • A community voice app aimed to help how you speak Japanese or English