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The best alternatives to BabyDiary are Pregnancy Companion, Booby Track, and Mahmee. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to BabyDiary
  • Track and maintain week by week growth, health and everything of both baby and mother. Get niche updates of your baby's development. Keep your mind Strong and body healthy during pregnancy with our selected yoga specific to pregnancy.

  • Hi all, we just had our baby and we're breastfeeding — one Friday afternoon my partner asked if I could write an app for her watch so that she could keep track of the last boob she fed our baby with. So I did. This is that app.

  • Personalized postpartum support to new moms and their babies

  • Juno is the digital memory book for your child, as app and printed. Be reminded to capture moments according to your child's age and get inspired by existing suggestions. Invite your family members to collect and share memories for your child.

  • Our device monitors: Heart rate, Temperature, Breathing rate, Cough, Sleep, Cry, Position (back/belly) and Step count. It's ease and convenient to wear, totally safe and babyproof.

  • The MyLee gives you feedback on your breastfeeding progress, and help you be proactive and prevent low milk supply. With just a few drops of milk, get immediate feedback, insights and recommendations, starting from the first days after birth. You got this!

  • See at a glance when your baby last ate, and what the meal was. Tap the milk, breast feeding or meal button to add a new entry, as you don't have any time for anything else at that moment. You can edit the meal type, date and time later if needed.