The best alternatives to Autocomplete as a Service are Free 7+ Million Global Company Dataset, Autocomplete React Component by PDL, and HealthyServers.
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Best alternatives to Autocomplete as a Service
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  • We have open sourced our 2019 Global Company Dataset 🚀 Our dataset includes: 172,208 Internet Companies 121,085 Retail Companies 191,269 Computer Software Companies 53,244 Consumer Goods Companies 74,043 Recru...

  • We’ve created an open source, Autocomplete React Component to improve search experiences for your users. With each keystroke, the component suggests possible searches along with the number of relevant records i...

  • The HealthyServers solution is simple, yet powerful. It gathers information from all of your servers and stores KPl-related information in a scalable database for graphical and in-depth analysis and forecasting...