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The best alternatives to AO: AnyOne are Quarantine Together, More, and Pen Pals. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to AO: AnyOne
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  • Quarantine Together is a curated list of 100+ virtual, interactive events and communities to help you meet new people, stay connected, and get through these hard times together. We update the website daily with...

  • More is an iOS app for creating virtual, impromptu get-togethers with new people. Join curated activities or create your own, and other people have 30 minutes to join you. Just because we’re quarantined doesn’t...

  • Pen Pals is a refreshing way to meet new people. Just send out a letter and you’ll receive replies from new people around the world. No swiping. No judgements. Earn stamps, collect rewards and explore the world...

  • Penpal Café is a place to use the magic of the internet to find a penpal. For the first season, the café is open until April 14. Navigation hint: click the image.

  • We connect children from around the world to learn each other’s native language. A safe, fun, digital language exchange for K-12.

  • A barnyard pen pal for kids ages 2-8

  • Yubo makes it easy to discover new friends all around the world. We believe that we have a huge opportunity to reinvent online friendships by providing a trustable and safe platform for everyone.