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The best alternatives to Amy Chatbot (BETA) are Botisfy, WATI by Clare.ai, and Morph.ai. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Amy Chatbot (BETA)
  • Build intelligent virtual assistants for your websites, facebook pages, and messaging apps. Attract your customers by automating your chat and providing real time assistant. Help your customers to generate qualified leads by asking contextual questions. You can reach faster to your prospects with messanger chatbot 10x more effectively

  • WATI is the ultimate WhatsApp Management Tool for Businesses that includes features such as Team Collaboration, Broadcast Messaging, Contact Management, API Support. With WATI, you can build a WhatsApp Chatbot without coding in just a few minutes.

  • Enable your customers to access your services from anywhere.

  • One-click business & growth analytics for Intercom. We import your Intercom data and build professional reports. We have insights on Acquisition, Engagement, Retention, Segments & Tags and Customer Service.

  • Connecting chatbot developers with businesses

  • Chatbot platform to build easy, beautiful and customizable chatbots and Interactive landing pages without any coding that can be used for Lead generation, Customer support, Feedback collection, Survey collection, Booking appointments etc.

  • Xenioo is a powerful and flexible platform which empowers professionals and businesses to build and publish their bots on multiple channels. Chatbot created with Xenioo can be published on the following platforms: Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Web Sites, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Slack.

  • Objection Co uses Artificial Intelligence to provide automated Review Removal Strategy for businesses. Using AI and Automation we can include review removal instructions in our notifications, based on the unique content of a bad review. Objection Co currently monitors and provides strategy for Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews as a third party.

  • The platform makes it possible to create the entire interaction tree simply by dragging and dropping modules. Afterwards, it only takes one click to publish the finished bot on your favorite channel such as WhatsApp Business and Web Chat.

  • Microchat.io Chatbot is a custom-built bot designed for your business. Our intellegent Chatbot will help deflect your customer center cases and streamline lead generation.