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The best alternatives to Active Me are Gyroscope , Joy, and Loggo. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Active Me
  • Use the Gyroscope app on iPhone, Apple Watch & Android to track everything about your life in one place. If you don’t have any wearables, get started with our built in steps, sleep, places and mood trackers! For the ultimate exprience, connect an Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit or Oura ring to get your Health Score and start optimizing everything about your body.

  • Track and improve your mental health

  • Loggo helps parents and care providers track illness and recovery with easy inputting of critical measures like medication, body temperature, fluid intake, and symptoms. You can also export & share the data with your physician.

  • Period Diary is a free menstruation cycle tracker, ovulation and PMS calendar and a general female health and fertility monitor! Whether you need help planning your pregnancy or want to avoid missing taking the pill, we’ve got you covered! Join many satisfied women who have made their lives simpler by tracking your symptoms, planning your activities and taking control of your life!

  • Notes & tasks - all in one place Write notes and then add tasks to them. So you always know exactly what each task was all about. Because your privacy matters, we encrypt all communication with our server in transit, and all your notes & tasks at rest.

  • The app to create and track a healthier lifestyle

  • Crowd-cure.com is an easy way to track your health during COVID-19 whilst also providing Drs with life saving data. It takes just 60 seconds a day with the data you share sent directly to those working on the frontline.

  • Track health data and get personalized insights daily

  • Easily monitor and track your oral health and hydration

  • AI-powered health - in seconds