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The best alternatives to 1m² are Later , Stacky.me, and LTX.bio. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to 1m²
  • Later is the leading social media marketing and commerce platform that helps social media managers, small business owners and creators grow their brands and businesses online. With a unique combination of social media marketing tools, machine-learning-based recommendations, and education, Later makes it easy to visually plan & schedule social content, drive traffic, and increase sales – empowering customers to turn their passions into possibilities.

  • Connect all your social media accounts to a unique custom page. Use advanced tracking with UTM parameters, optimize CTAs, page views and clicks, and retarget users on multiple platforms using powerful pixel integrations.

  • Own your personal brand with LTX.bio, your free Link in Bio page. Tailor your page to match your personal style with custom themes, colors, photos, and layouts. Lead audiences from every platform to one place, and monetize your content TODAY!

  • Share open calendar slots with links, let customers and anyone book in 3 clicks. Signup for FREE with Google. 50% OFF premium just for Product Hunt members. Made with LOVE in Puglia, Southern Italy. Won 30,000 Euros young entrepreneur award by Puglia Region.

  • One page for all your links with a video. Claim a unique URL and share in your bio. Add your links, pick your theme and you're good to go. All built in no-code: Webflow + Bubble in 4 weeks.

  • Manage your identity and knowledge bases with ease. Completely free.

  • Amplify.link's tools include: Unparalleled music and creator smart links, pre-save links, livestream links, analytics, pixel integrations (Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok & Google), Patreon & Paypal integration, email capture, merch sales options and much more.

  • Share a URL link, get paid in Bitcoin

  • BlockLink is you across blockchains. Connect with your web wallets and have a single place to show all of your crypto addresses to easily get paid! Customize your profile page, list all your social links, and promote your latest projects all in one place!

  • Blazin' fast shareable content. linkfru allows you to create content in seconds. Perfect for whipping up quick landing pages, links with a preface, affilate promotions, infleuncer promotions and so on... Fast, easy content. Also manage your link in bio + more.

  • A free tool where you can simply showcase affilicate links and social links to followers and clients with one single powerful link.

  • Create your SuperBio link, copy and paste in all your social profiles bio and set up the special offers you want to share with your community. The adv is provided by SuperBio. Let your followers interact with your SuperBio and earn money by doing nothing!

  • iLinkPro gives you the creative agency to take your links and brand to the next level. We have custom domains and branding, SEO, analytics, music/video embeds, QR codes, and MORE! You only get one first impression, so make it count!

  • Touchbase is our free social network that lets you share your online accounts or find anyone else’s from one profile or link, and discover new people from across platforms or stay updated on new platforms and data hacks that impact you!