Zyp is the first company to offer an on-demand, à la carte cleaning service. Zyp cleans as little as a single room, like a bathroom or kitchen, for under $25. Perfect for roommates, young professionals and and everyone looking for a quick affordable home cleaning!

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Hey Hunters! It is a pleasure to be reaching out to everyone. While living in a college dorm with several other roommates, I discovered that there was not an affordable and practical cleaning solution out there for roommates to get just a single room cleaned, like our gross bathroom! Every service wanted a 2 hour minimum or was too expensive for us cheap college students. I soon realized that not only was this a personal problem that I had but one that many other college students had as well as roommates in general. 85% of people currently don’t use a cleaning service due to it being to costly. Zyp allows for users to go into an easy to use app and get a single room cleaned for as low as $24.99 flat-rate where the cleaner will arrive fully equipped to tackle the job and leave you and your roommates with a bill of around $5 each. We have since expanded our services to a full list of single room cleaning services, discounted 2 room bundles (such as bathroom and Kitchen) as well as unique add on items such as hand washing dishes. Would love to continue the dialogue so please comment below and I look forward to hearing all feedback!
Its great how you can opt to have them only clean your kitchen, or bathroom, or just the bedroom. I feel like I keep half my rooms pretty darn clean, but sometimes the kitchen will get away from me after a while and could use a scrub down, but having someone come clean my entire apt is not super necessary.
@kristofertm Hey! Thank you so much for expressing interest in Zyp and for the fabulous Hunt. We are so glad that you love the concept and share the same personal problem that we discovered while living in suite style housing while attending college. I would love to continue the discussion further. Reach me directly at: murray@zypapp.com