AI-powered photo app with a privacy by design approach

Zyl is the first AI-powered photo app managing all your memories with a privacy-by-design approach.

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Hi Guys! Being here again as we released Zyl only a few hours ago on the App store and the Play Store is just thrilling! At Zyl, we seek to change how people experience and remember the valuable moments in life. We work everyday to simplify the access, the organization, and the safety of life’s memories to help people relive their experiences. Zyl is the first AI-powered photo app that manage all your memories with a privacy-by-design approach. All the ML models are run on the device only (challenging) because we believe that respecting our users’ privacy is vital. Over the past 11 months since our Product Hunt debut, our user base has grown organically. We have quietly grown the team from 6 to 16 and experimented with different types of technologies. We are continuously testing new ML models and photo patterns, so feedback based on your experiences with Zyl is very much appreciated. Please let us know what your think! I'll be happy to answer your questions.
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@mathieuspiry Apple’s Photos app has been doing this for years — why say that you are the first? How do you compete with them?
@balupton We tend to say we are the 1st to do what we do "with a privacy by design approach". What about the pictures you have on iCloud ? Do Apple process them on device or in its cloud where your medias are ? We don't really now. Zyl do not send(/use) your photos on servers. And then, we differentiate ourselves with our approach - memories are the most important asset on Zyl, not really your tons of photos that are "useless" and unused.

Also it would be pleasant to detect things like obvious screenshots of text to remove them from my smart albums because they don't belong here.


Saved my live when my phone memory was full by finding all the duplicated pictures and letting me delete them. Overall, very nice UI.


Feature I would like : bulk erase in album management.

Very cool and friendly design! Keep pushing the envelope of photo management!
@mathieuspiry I love the focus on privacy, could you tell us a bit more about how it works? Does it automatically pull photos from your Photos folder / iCloud, and where are they stored?
@abadesi Hello ! At Zyl we try to think about privacy by design. We pull your pictures from your native gallery app, without copying any files (except for the medias you will share in our collaborative albums). All the picture analysis are made on your phone, without the use of remote services where we would have to send your medias. So basically, except for shared medias, everything happens and stays on your phone.
@abadesi @asibiril But what about shared photos? How are they encrypted?
@mahnouel No encryption yet, but it’s on the way. We are working on end to end encryption, so you can expect it early next year.
Love it! The design is awesome!
@omrishabi thanks a lot! Forwarded to Samy & Martin, our UI designers ;)