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Been waiting to order one of these since I first saw it. Excited to see that pre-ordering is now open. Have a feeling that every time I print I'll be watching this device do its' thing. @tuviae love to hear how you came up with the idea for this. what the plan is, where this is going...
@benln Hey Ben, sure. The idea came to my head when I was fed up of looking for a printer every time I needed to print. With my Smartphone I was always able to do all my work anywhere I was and anytime, but every time I needed to print- I had to wait till I got home or to the office. When I started thinking about creating a smaller printer, I noticed that printers have not been changed since basically the 90s, and that we don't need our printer to have a scanner or a fax, because we scan with our phone and don't really send a fax anymore... and the most important thing- the printer was just this ugly looking HUGE box sitting on my desk and jamming the paper when it prints... Regarding the future, the main things we're working on is making the printer even smaller & faster!
Really cool technology but ironic we're still relying on paper:)
@0x11ff Ironically paper use has gone up as the world has become more digital. So it seems paper is here to stay for the foreseeable future. And if that's the case, printing needs to up its game. This could be the start of a much needed revolution in this area. I hate every printer I've ever owned. At least this one won't suffer from paper jams :)
@tuviae love the idea! Excellent work. Any thoughts about scanning? I know you said phones essentially cover that, but I have gotten push back from people when I have sent them a photo of a doc (plus, it looks a little less professional) vs. a traditionally scanned doc. Keep up the great work!
@tuviae @VivekMGeorge I agree, I think high res document scanning using this kind of technology would be super useful. Possibly more so than printing.
These guys are making printing super cool!!
Looks really cool, congrats on bringing it to life. Can the printer recover/recalibrate from something like the table being bumped during a print? Or would you have to start over with a fresh sheet?
@igamebank hey Bob, a bump would probably create a little smudge in a specific point. If the printing is disturbed in a more severe way, with the first version of the printer, you'd have to restart the printing. In the future version, it would be able to continue from where it stopped.