An RSS news reader that prioritises topics you care about 💻

Zuperlist is a news reader web app that combines concepts from RSS news readers and personalized news apps. Choose what websites to subscribe to and receive news in your Zuperlist feed sorted by your interests instead of chronologically.

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Eugen Vărzaru
A developer who likes to build things.
Hello PH, I've been working for a while on a News Reader Web App. I wanted something simple that not only allows you to stay up to date with the news and with your favorite blogs, but that also allows you to disconnect for a while without missing anything. So I came up with Zuperlist, which combines the strengths of an RSS News Reader and a Personalized News App. Here's how it works: - you subscribe to whichever sites you want and you get everything published there, but in a better organized way than in an RSS News Reader - news are sorted by how close they are to your interests, not by when they're published - Zuperlist remembers when you open the app and marks these moments on a timeline. When you come back, you can clearly see what's new since your last visit - news that are related are grouped together, so they don't overwhelm your news feed - everything that doesn't match your interests is still available, but categorized by topic and by website - for those blogs that you don't want to miss their posts, you can tell Zuperlist to always show you everything published by them - you can also tell Zuperlist to always show you everything published under a specific topic, such as Bitcoin - what about the filter bubble, you say? Zuperlist shows you a quick glimpse at the most shared news, even if they don't match your interests. Besides that, from time to time, you get a quick glimpse at a random topic that's outside your interests - you don't need to install an app at all. Zuperlist.com works on both desktop and mobile I've been using it during the development and I love it, although I may be a bit biased 😄 Give it a try and let me know what you think. I'm here to answer all your questions.
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