All-in-one digital marketing platform

Site claims to make content 'Go Viral' - how so?
@bentossell Thanks for your comments... You can add Social Media functionality within on own website / domain through our 'Plug and Play' Application for example: http://blog.spacesanddesign.com (actual website: http://www.spacesanddesign.com) http://connect.sugabalanz.com/ Publish content to multiple channels - Web, Mobile or Social - all from one unified dashboard Auto Post to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other Social Media Accounts in one click Build your own subscriber base right from your website Upon adding a post - it goes to your subscribers email and newsfeed So your content goes to your website, social media accounts, subscribers, rss feeds, search engines Further, it also appears within zumvu internal search results
Looks like a low cost ($12/m highest tier) marketing automation suite comparable to the HubSpot's of the world. Going to have to play around with it more to see if actually has all the features a good marketing automation suite needs.
@lipmanb Thanks Brandon for your comments... We will tried to come up with a affordable Marketing Automation Platform so that Small and Mid-size business can utilize it for their digital marketing needs. Would appreciate your views and suggestions to improve it further.