One-tap team conference calling

Thanks so much for the love! I'm Hillel from Zula and nothing would make me happier than hearing feedback from the Product Hunt community. Gosh, I love this site!!
Great product, and insane talent on the team with @jeffpulver and @hilzfuld
@kobaiko thanks so much, brother!!!
Hi everyone, I'm Farhana from Zula and the love we're getting from you Product Hunters here and across social networks is really brightening our day! Thank you so much! Please feel free to reach out if anything, we adore you all!
Great team and product, very happy to see Zula on Product Hunt, well deserved.
@orli you rock!
OK... Where do I begin? This app has rendered others obsolete... Or rather, it has for those select few who KNOW of this gem's existence... ZULA is by far the most convenient way to conduct multi-person P2P conversations offering real-time conference video, audio, instant messaging, file sharing, and so much more! I mean I for one am fed up with theever-present lag and more often than not having calls drop on me with Skype... Bah! Skype... With ZULA, your need for Skype will find it's place collecting dust next to your dial-up modem! And then we get into the -can you say AWESOME- team that powers this mighty beast! Hillel Fuld is an awesome individual, dedicated to his work, avid fan-boyish love of anything and everything that is cutting-edge tech, and is also just as important, a family man. He is (relatively) easily reached via his various social media outlets, and will PERSONALLY get back to you... Not a bot, or a secretary (I honestly can't tell the difference between the two sometimes... Lol)! And Farhana Rahman is an incredibly talented person, with an incredible unique sense of humor. We have to meet one of these days, fellow resident of the apparently most popular tourist spot... The mighty borough of Queens...! Available across most major platforms, ZULA is constantly evolving to better suit the needs, wants, and uses of team-wide conferencing, and receives regular updates. I could go on all day singing the praises of Hillel and ZULA... In summary, ZULA is the way to go for ALL (yes, that's right, ALL) of yours and your team's every conferencing needs, and then some! So tell me this... Why wait for this next-gen, next-level material, when you can simply download ZULA today? Get it NOW on your Android, iOS, and web devices. NOW, not when you read about it on engadget, Android Authority, or Forbes... Be one of the people who can say "I've been using ZULA since... Long before anybody paid me to use it..." (Yes, that's a Matthew McConaughey reference... Lol!) I ZULA. DO YOU? (p.s. THANK GOD there's no character limit here... HAHA!)
@stephenspig wow. just wow. Thank you!
@hilzfuld You're very welcome! It's the least I can do... Or is it...?
@stephenspig :-D Oh my wow! You like us, you really like us! This really means so much, thank you for the love, support, and the shoutout. Gotta make sure the boss sees that! ;-)