ZuGo Pet

1st patented pet product revolutionizing travel + safety.

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JulsMaker@julsbindi · CEO ZuGo Pet
Hi to tell you about my product it's a patented product with a 3 a point safety system revolutionizing the way you travel with your pets. Has 5 functions in 1 product. Takes pet fashion to a whole other level. - Comfortably stabilizes the pet in-between the two front car seats - Mesh enclosing on three sides for ventilation and safety precautions. - Safety belt inside bag with reinforcements designed to protect your pet incase of a car accident. We donate a portion of our sales to non-profits to help rescue animals out of kill shelters. Feel free to ask any questions.
JulsMaker@julsbindi · CEO ZuGo Pet
Also, if anyone gets a reward on this kickstarter portions go to Dogs Without Borders to rescue dogs out of kill shelters. :)