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LOL Even if Elon Musk launches teleporting today, this is definitely my winner
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Hey guys, thanks for hunting @__tosh ;) I've been producing fashion all my life. Always wanted to create something unique and special that people love, with great quality, sustainable and fair. When I read Mark Zuckerberg's post about decision making and his idea of wearing the same t-shirt every day I was quite impressed. I thought ok what would I wear if i did the same thing? So I started to research which specific shirt Mark picked for himself. This lead me to Brunello Cucinelli who is an amazing fashion designer with a great hand for fabrics as well. Unfortunately you can't buy Mark's shirts in Brunello's store. So I decided to design and produce a replica that is as close to the original as possible. I was quite satisfied with the results and thought it would be quite cool to make them available to everyone who's interested. It definitely helped me to get a great start into the day and more important it really feels great when I wear it. If you have any questions feel free to ask them! I will hangout here on producthunt the whole day :) Klaus
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@klaus_buchroithner you need some localization in the size chart. It should be in inches for the US
@klaus_buchroithner @zain_hoda it's not that hard to convert ;)
@wraldpyk it's a problem that's easier for the seller to address than the buyer
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@zain_hoda @wraldpyk thanks guys, updated just after seeing your comments. :)
@klaus_buchroithner 40 Euros for a grey t-shirt? Come on! You can go to the Gap, Uniqlo, or J Crew and get it for $15-$20. Uniqlo is probably $8-$10
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Black shirts are better P.S. here's the original post on Facebook where Mark shows his closet full of grey shirts :) https://www.facebook.com/zuck/po... P.S.S. Never forget the t-shirt cannon
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@nivo0o0 Grey is the new black :)
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@nivo0o0 I will buy in black
@nivo0o0 no, blue shirts are. Gray is also cool though.
40 euros per t-shirt? 😶
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@imromains well, if you're used to Chinese-children produced t-shirts, yes, it seems expensive. Paying $3/tshirt is the real outrage.
@raphaaelmartin some brands are selling not-Chinese-children-made T-shirts for 10€ and they are perfectly fine. I don't understand what justifies a price of 40€. I can get a custom fitted t-shirt for this price (via companies like Son of a Tailor) 🤓
@raphaaelmartin @imromains Warrenty I suppose as I'm sure that 10e one doesn't come with any and here you get 8 years? Hmm, I had strouggle keeping shirts for more than few month as cotton would break apart.
Great! Uniqlo sells a very similar grey t-shirt for something like $5. I've owned / worn only grey crew neck t-shirts from Uniqlo for the past 2.5 years (with a few exceptions). Paying 40 euros for a tshirt seems steep.
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@reustle was going to post the same. Uniqlo shirts are awesome. I wash and dry them as often as I want and they never move. Keep their color and their shape. Not sure why so many people are so positive about that shirt for 40euro. Also very surprised at the price Zuck pays his shirts. $400 each shirt? Seriously? That seems very against the supposed simplicity the man has...
@reustle another uniqlo plain grey/black t-shirts fan here ✋
@jauny there is more complexity, cost wizardry, supply chain tricks in your $5 shirt than in any $400 one. Fair trade, transparency and ethic are rarely cheap.
@reustle its about support and quality, craftsmanship. I'm sure you spend countless dollars on dumb stuff all the time, that you can find cheaper somewhere else.