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I've wanted something like this for a long time. It's a great idea but interested to see how it works out in practice. Couple things: 1) I understand the aspirational tagline but it would easier to understand exactly what it is if it was something simple like "Tailors to your house on demand". 2) The "Tailors" page specifically focuses on 9 tailors without any hint that it's just a selection of the tailors available. I thought it might be an early product not available in my region. I didn't realize there were 600 tailors until I read the link @malaparte posted. 3) Upon going through the booking of an appointment, it shows me the earliest date and says "Sorry, no times are available for the date selected." Selecting a later date shows me some available times, but why not just show me the first date that has available times? 4) Not sure how the evaluation works after the tailoring is completed, but I could see an Uber-style feedback system being extremely helpful in keeping quality high and assuring customers that their tailor is highly rated by other customers. 5) I'm unsure how much a visit could potentially cost me since everything is so separated out. It might be helpful to show the cost of a standard visit with X shirts, X jackets, and X pants.
@seanacres Great points! On #4 you're absolutely correct, feedback and ratings are hugely important to ensuring the highest (ongoing) quality. One note, all of our tailors have already been vetted by industry veterans and are the best tailors you'll find in each city... #5 we're working on an estimate my job/closet feature.
Hey All, CTO of ztailors here. Excited to be publicly launching the company with George today! We're live in 40+ cities (nationwide by end of the year) with over 600 tailors helping our customers retrofit their closets. You can learn more about our story here https://www.ztailors.com/our-story
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