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Have used Zpotdrop since the beta launch and completely love it. Great work Oscar & the team!
Thanks Elia for the Hunt! I'm the CEO and Founder of Zpotdrop, which is a location based new social network. We are a Scandinavian startup with the base in Sweden and Vietnam. We are more connected than ever, 
yet in-person meetings are becoming increasingly more rare. Zpotdrop enhances real in-person connectivity between friends and unlocks the effortless social core of exchanging real time locations in casual ways. Unlike Facebook’s (and others’) ”who’s nearby” features you will never share your location in Zpotdrop if you don’t actively choose to for each specific event. We have changed the “who’s nearby” feature and let users send push notifications to friends nearby, but won’t see who it is before the people nearby have accepted and want to be shown. Hope you like! Look forward to hear your feedback!
@oscarrundqvist Awesome! How did you come up with the idea of Zpotdrop?
@tribaling Thanks! Came up with the idea when I came home from a weekend in Paris and talked to a friend two weeks later. We had both been in Paris those days (almost at the same hotel!) but hadn't met since we didn't know. A simple Zpotdrop Scan would have solved that problem and we could've experienced fantastic Paris together :)
@oscarrundqvist That's true. Do you think there will ever be an auto-scan function? I am very lazy e.g.
@tribaling Maybe later, if the user wants to, and maybe among your "favourite friends" or something :) Thanks for the idea!
@oscarrundqvist What are the differences between Zpotdrop Scan and Facebook Nearby Friends?
Looks cool and the app works fast. How are you planning to scale it?
@melissamonteee Initial target market is Sweden and Nordics, thereafter we plan to take a straight step into Asia through Vietnam (100 m population + fastest growing internet penetration in the world). Our co-founder of Zpotdrop built Vietnam’s largest e-commerce company, lazada.vn, from scratch to 600 employees (investors Kinnevik, Rocket Internet, Temasek, Tesco) in less than 3 years. Approx. USD 650m of funding. So we know the market well and truly think it's a good first step to scale it globally.