15,000 measurements for clothing in one size: yours.

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Introducing the ZOZOSUIT, capable of capturing 15,000 body measurements in mere seconds. Order yours FREE at zozosuit.com and unlock a size-free shopping experience where you can find men's and women's basics (jeans, tees and more) custom-fitted to your exact measurements. All of this without ever leaving your house. The ZOZOSUIT ships Spring 2018.




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Hammy Havoc@hammyhavoc · CEO, Split An Atom
Looks amazing! Also looks more stylish than most of the clothes you're likely to be able to buy! Love the aesthetic, majorly cyberpunk.
Chris Herd@chris_herd · Maverick: A person who pursues rebelliou
I’m in Love
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I've seen various apps that use the camera to capture one's measurements with questionable accuracy. Do people keep the suit or is it delivered for a single fitting to get one's measurements, @alisags?
Alisa Gould-SimonMaker@alisags · Start Today USA
@rrhoover Great question! People actually can keep the suit free of charge and use it to remeasure at their convenience.
Hammy Havoc@hammyhavoc · CEO, Split An Atom
@rrhoover @alisags What does the suit cost to produce approximately? It looks unbelievably high-tech.
Alisa Gould-SimonMaker@alisags · Start Today USA
@rrhoover @hammyhavoc We're not currently sharing production cost values. We are giving the suit away for free (save for the shipping cost) for now. Thank you so much for your interest!
Kristian Kabuay@baybayin · Artist @ Kabuay.com
Looks interesting. Signed up
Lola Tesla@lolatesla · Renaissance Woman
Life changing!! Especially for women with not so traditional sizes - that don’t want to spend hours at the mall frustratingly trying everything on. Technical issue though: in the measurements page where you enter gender, height etc it’s highlighting them in red and not allowing me to continue.
Alisa Gould-SimonMaker@alisags · Start Today USA
@lolatesla Hi! So sorry to hear you're having trouble. We're looking into this right now.
Alisa Gould-SimonMaker@alisags · Start Today USA
@lolatesla PS. Can you share what device and/or what browser you're on? Thanks so much!