Live chat, lets you talk to visitors on your website

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What sets Zopim apart from other live chat functionalities?
@nikkielizdemere And you beat me to this one :)
@nikkielizdemere Choosing between live chat products is a difficult choice. Virtually all the products in the market offer the basic "chat" functionality, i.e. the ability to talk to customers on your website. However, each product's offering varies slightly. Zopim is great if your business serves a multilingual client as we are (as far as I'm aware) one of the only chat platforms that supports automatic language translation. Additionally, Zopim has a bunch of useful features such as Triggers, text expanders, and awesome mobile apps. (PS: I work at Zopim)
Trying it out on www.startuptabs.com now. Liking it so far. Easy to get started. Took less than a minute and started chatting with my visitors right away. Update: Been using it all day and although only a few people talked to me, I will be leaving Zopim installed on my site.
@jleebiz Awesome to hear! Sometimes customers are a bit shy, so you might need to reach out to them. You can try setting up a trigger or just picking them out using the visitor list. If you want some tips, feel free to email support@zopim.com or tweet me :)
We use Zopim on our business website. It works well and has helped us secure more orders. App is a little buggy sometimes, but overall good. I like that I can be anywhere and can help my customers from my mobile phone with questions. Edit: www.ptpturboblankets.com is the website if anyone wants to see how it looks.
I've had good experiences using Zopim to rescue sales and gain insight into what was preventing customers from completing purchases.
FYI : if you have a single page app (on AngularJS for instance) you won't be able to use their "triggers", a deal breaker for us. A pity, this one seemed quite neat.