People You Know. Places They Love.

A new way to find the restaurants your friends recommend. It’s hard to trust online reviews from people you don’t know. With ZooZer, you’re only looking at reviews from the people you trust. Your friend’s favorite restaurants, all in one place.

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Hello Product Hunt! A couple of friends and I recently moved to New York and were completely overwhelmed by the thousands of restaurant options. We tried Yelp and Google but found the best recommendations were from those within our own networks. We started making spreadsheets to track the places that were recommended and who recommended them. There had to be a better way! It didn't take long for us to come up with the concept behind ZooZer. Your friend’s favorite restaurants, all in one place! If you're like us and looking for a better way to discover the restaurants your friends recommend, join our beta for early access. We appreciate you and look forward to your feedback. - The team @ ZooZer