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Does anybody do what Buffer does PLUS the ability to recycle old content on a regular basis (tallying up what content has already been recycled each time, so once the recycled pool is done, start over)?
@timjahn that's exactly what we do at Edgar - https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
This is similar to beatrix app which i posted earlier http://www.producthunt.co/posts/... .Also bufferapp is testing a feature to recommend articles to post.
Congrats Audrey! #goaussies :)
ZootRock provides much more personalization and customization than beatrix and bufferapp. ZootRock allows you to select from 120 Curated Streams based on topic and personas that you want to target, or add your own niche keyphrase. It also presents great images and quotes that are extremely popular on social media. You can choose to set it on autopilot or review and edit your content beforehand. Please try it and send me your feedback!
Thanks for jumping in, @audreymelnik. As Kevin mentioned, there seem to be more and more startups playing in this space (cc @yongfook). Smart to include images. @BelleBCooper has an excellent article on the increase in CTR's/engagement when using images on Twitter. P.S. to be honest, the vertical scroll takeover on the site drives me nuts. :)