Adds a zoom motion to existing photos or videos

Zoomyy for iOS adds a zoom motion to your existing photos/videos. Filmmakers have been adding this motion to clips manually for years, called the ken burns effect. You don't need FCPX, Premier or After Effects to add the motion to your clips on the fly, use Zoomyy!

Giving free access to 50 people with the launch on Product Hunt: Zoomyy.com.

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Hey Hey, Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ I'm now 9 months into the world of video apps. After launching my first video app, Life Lapse, back in the fall of 2017, I realized it required a lot of effort from my users to bring a video to life. (It is a stop-motion/time-lapse/progress video app). I was getting a decent number of downloads but I noticed once people downloaded it, they didn't really know what to create with it. While I've been building out a lot of content to educate my users on what they can create with Life Lapse, I thought of Zoomyy. I started to see a trend of the ken burns effect making a come back on time-lapse, stop-motion and even regular photos on Instagram. When I tried to find an app to create this effect on the fly for Instagram stories specifically, I couldn't find anything that fit my needs in the app store. With Zoomyy, it's something that everybody (I mean...iPhone users, haha) could use with their existing content they already have. In case you missed it in the description, I'm giving 50 people free access and you can apply at https://www.zoomyy.com. I'd love to hear your feedback & answer any questions you may have! :) Cheers, Sarah
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Great job!! 😊 Could this be based on an Windows app !! This looks promising for websites and others
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@ayush_chandra Thank you! :) If it is successful with iOS, we will develop windows. Have you signed up on the android waitlist for it? You can do so on the website: https://www.zoomyy.com
@sarah_boland unfortunately no android devices pure iOS user
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@ayush_chandra Oh, you said Windows so I was confused, haha. My bad. Do you mean desktop? :)
@sarah_boland yup !! No problem,in fact I should have written it properly. 😊
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@ayush_chandra Haha, all good 😊!
I was fortunate to be able to access one of the free codes and have tested the app on images and videos and it's a great help - I love that we can already register for the Android beta and that @sarah_boland is open to feedback - I have shared some suggested future features that it would be great to see such as clipping a longer video on import as at the moment the max duration is 15 seconds for a video to be imported and also the ability to change the point of the zoom - at the moment it only focuses on the centre. I have used other zoom apps on iOS but what makes this different is the fact it works with both images and videos. I look forward to seeing how Sarah continues to develop Zoomyy - in the meantime, I have added it to my curations and also to my resources for my mobile marketing workshops!
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@krishnade Really appreciate the feedback, thank you so much Krishna!
@sarah_boland You are very welcome